Avoiding The Black Hole Of SuperNova eCommerce

So Comet is no longer a twinkling presence in the retail electricals firmament and are soon to follow the likes of JJB Sports, Game, TJ Hughes, MFI, Clinton Cards and Woolworths to the black hole of bricks n? mortar commerce.

A new eCommerce survey warns of even more casualties ahead unless business owners get to grips with the new exploding supernovas of search and social, mobile and tablet rippling through the online marketing universe.

Some have commented that the ultimate fate of Comet, as shared by previous doomed brands, was due to being stuck in the 1990s and failing to adapt to the rapid evolution of the internet and advancing eCommerce, which continues to drive consumer behaviour away from the high street.

One day into November and the ?Christmas? word starts to gain momentum on traditional broadcast channels. However, most of the talk seems to reveal that many people have already simply gone online and completed their entire seasonal purchasing, even before some businesses have begun their marketing strategies.

According to recent research, 83 per cent of consumers now shop online, overtaking the 81 per cent who use a high street store, with nearly a quarter of UK consumers using a smartphone to access the mobile web to conduct product research. Most notably, 12 per cent of mobile shoppers are a previous sales customer.

Key to emerging mobile user behaviour is increased products and services research with nearly three quarters conducting comparative search on their smartphones and up to a third, engaged in web search every week.

Yet the route to sales conversion may not always be as direct and straightforward as nearly 4 in 10 claim they would actually complete the purchase at the store itself after conducting research on their mobile device. However, a quarter of consumers simply went ahead and completed the purchase online via their smartphone.

Many recent studies has found that an overwhelming majority of websites are still not correctly optimised for the mobile experience, with often a poor understanding of content formatting.

Currently accounting for more than 10 per cent of all retail sales, online shopping is on an unstoppable growth curve of around 15 per cent each year. In 2011, UK online sales were ?50.3 billion or 12 per cent of UK retail trade compared to 2008 of only 8.6 per cent of retail sales.

In the present economic climate, businesses must look to where their future customers are and how they want to engage with eCommerce brands. It?s not only the high street that is undergoing drastic change in the face of emerging web technologies, online the multichannel and platform environment is becoming more socially determined.

As one comet passes only the most savvy of business satellites will remain on their?customers? radars.

Source: http://weprovoke.co.uk/blog/social-media/avoiding-the-black-hole-of-supernova-ecommerce/

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